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Découvrir Quimiac - Marais salants de Guérande

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Discover Quimiac: What to do / to see in the area?

The heritage of the region is rich and calls you to discovery or simply to a moment of quiet relaxation in a healthy marine environment.

The motto of Mesquer “loyal to Land and  Sea” perfectly describes the situation of this small town. It is both the countryside and the sea! Guérande region is known worldwide for its specialty salt marshes. Feel free to discover Quimiac which, is  also part of this special region.

Heart’s Favorites

  • The view of the traict Pen Bé from the tip of Merquel
  • Mesquer oysters on the harbor Kercabellec
  • The exhibitions of the Heritage House, whose history dates back to the Knights Templar
  • The many beaches of Quimiac and Mesquer Lanséria, Cabonnais, Sorlock, Mill …
  • The beautiful beach of La Baule
  • The villas early twentieth century in Quimiac
  • The old walled city of Guérande

Between “Côte d’Amour” and “Côte de Jade”

Mesquer is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, in the peninsula of Guérande. The town is surrounded by salt marshes and an oyster bay (oysters) and mussel (mussels).

Quimiac is part of a wide bay, which gives an advantage surrounding beaches for swimmers with warmer water of 1 or 2 degrees!


The beaches

The sanitary quality of bathing water is excellent and stable throughout the season, for several years.
From the beach, you can reach the hiking trail “La Pointe de Merquel” (16,5km circuit to discover in the guidebook “Les Belles Escapes” – ask at the Tourist Office )

200m from the villa, beach Lanséria

  • Lanséria Beach is the largest beach of fine sand of Mesquer. This very family beach has a lifeguard station, open from 12h to 19h in high season, with toilets and showers (parking nearby). Several entries (some of which are stairs) allow access to this beach.
  • A tiralo is available at the lifeguard station to enable disabled people to swim.
  • The channel separates the swimming area of the anchorage area.
  • Sandcastle competitions are held each summer (ask the Tourist Office).
  • During high tides, the beach is popular with fishermen on foot, ask about the regulations.

At the edge of the Côte d’Amour, the beach Sorlock

  • This large sandy beach allows you to fully engage in seaside activities.
  • The on-site lifeguard station, opened in July and August from 12h to 19h, ensures the safety of all.
  • A tiralo is available at the lifeguard station to enable disabled people to swim.
  • The channel is the starting point for many water activities.
  • The beach, accessible by 6 entries, has a toilet block and showers.
  • The on-site beach club “The Seagulls” is a delight for children. This Mickey Club welcomes children from 3 to 14 years: entertainment, beach games, contests. swimming, …
  • In season, sandcastle competitions are organized (ask the Tourist Office).

Shops / Crafts

The village of Quimiac has many shops within walking distance from the house:

  • bakery
  • pharmacy
  • post office
  • supermarket
  • tobacco shop / bookstore
  • Pancake / restaurants
  • market (Tuesday and Friday in high season)

Guerande (10min) course offers a wider range (Leclerc hypermarket, bazaars, souvenir shops), handicrafts in the old town …

Sports / Recreation

Different activities will delight younger and older:

  • Acrobranche
  • Luna Park
  • Fishing / Fishing on foot
  • Sailing (yacht/sailing club)
  • beach club
  • Cruise
  • Triathlon
  • hiking
  • equestrian club
  • swimming pool

Get all the details on the Tourist Office Website.


Nature is lush and unique in this region. Many walks are accessible to children and strollers.

  • The Briere Natural Park (the website)
  • Salt marshes (visits)
  • Walks (Devil table / creeks / Piriac by the coast, lighthouse Merquel …)

You will find details on the Tourist Office Website.


Patrimoine Culturel

Cultural excursions are many and diverse:

  • Visits bunkers of the Second World War (Atlantic Wall)
  • Visit the submarine Saint-Nazaire
  • Visit of Guérande, La Baule, La Turballe, Batz-sur-Mer, Piriac …
  • The aquarium Croisic

You can find more information at the following sites:

Health / Emergency

There are doctors, pharmacists, dentists in Mesquer. More information on the town website.

For the most serious emergencies, Guérande and Saint-Nazaire (20 min) have hospitals / pediatric services.

Lieux de cultes / horaires

La paroisse Saint-Anne du Pays Blanc regroupe plusieurs communes dont Mesquer/Quimiac.

Vous trouverez plus d’informations sur le site de la paroisse.

Places of Worship / schedules

The “St. Anne du Pays Blanc” parish  regroups together small towns from the neighborhood including Mesquer / Quimiac.

You can find more information on the parish site. 2015